1063 Sara Luvv

1064 Sabrina Banks

1065 Antonia Sainz

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Pretty Short Dress. 11:52

Sabrina’s dress has an interesting shape around the hemline and is about as short as it could possibly be without instantly showing her ass and panties. However the slightest low angle or bend over pose does in fact give a beautiful peek at her panties and much of her lower ass cheeks. She soon sits back on the chair with her legs together high in the air showing off her beautiful shape around her ass and crotch area. At this point her dress hides nothing and it’s all about ass tease with her small thong panties covering only the bare essentials. She then turns around to show off her fabulous bend over poses and sometimes pulls her panties aside for a quick introduction to her bare pussy and ass.

Spreadful Nudes. ITC Favorite 18:17

After a little bit of boob fondling Sabrina spends the rest of this clip just spreading her pussy and ass with a few excellent standing and bend over positions. Both of her holes gape open simultaneously with her hands well back out of the way allowing for a very revealing view of all the girlie places. She ends up lying on her front on top of the table giving some excellent views straight up her butt. There’s also a fantastic close up view admiring the details of her anus. Sabrina represents the ultimate example of a super tight and slender yet shapely undercarriage with beautiful curves and tidy feminine bits.

Which Wand will Cast a Spill. 2:25

Sabrina uses a powerful vibrating wand to bring herself to a quick orgasm. There’s a lot of quivering around as she is cumming and even before and after the orgasm as well.

Pumpin' Gush. 7:04

She now uses a big rubber dildo to put on a bit more of a show with lots of pussy fucking action. She starts lying on her back on the table and later moves to a pose with her feet on the chairs and her ass hanging out in mid air off the edge of the table. She spews plenty of beautiful juices from her pussy and brings the action to a very nice climax with lots of quivering action. Perhaps the best views are at the end after she is done with the toy as she dabbles her fingers in her sopping wet pussy and licks the juices off her fingers.

An Inside Bank Job. ITC Favorite 5:50

Sabrina’s speculum scene reveals a pretty flawless vagina with lots of crystal clear well lit inside views. There’s poses lying on her back and on her side. These are surely some of the prettiest vagina views we have shot to date with beautiful glistening moist vagina walls and cervix and all details clearly visible throughout the entire length of the footage.