1012 Lauren Crist

1013 Carmen Caliente

1014 Denise Sky

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Short and Sweet. 18:00

There’s a really nice jean shorts tease to start this video with Carmen’s ass cheeks virtually hanging out of her tight shorts. Her bend over pose is super enticing with the jean shorts beautifully outlining the contours of her ass crack. She’s got a pretty killer ass wobble as well with a beautiful twerk while on her knees. The jean shorts come off with about 4 minutes remaining revealing a super skimpy hot pink thong covering almost nothing in her ass crack. She really shows beautiful form in her lovely undercarriage and she gives a brief little intro peek at her bare girlie bits with the thong pulled aside. At the end she does a very nice squatting pose with a great arch in her back and a little bit of butt cheek flexing.

Taint Happenin’. ITC Favorite 14:41

Carmen gives a beautiful eyeful of her bare ass crack when she first pulls down her thong while lying on her front. The thong is soon gone and we spend this entire clip just soaking in her naked pussy and ass. She has a very prominent and interesting taint area with a fold of skin extending her pussy lips all the way up into her anus. Her poses lying on her side and bending over are all very revealing and beautifully demonstrate her excellent form and amazing ass. We later get a nice low angle perspective as she stands over your face twerking and spreading her ass. She ends up sitting backwards on a small chair offering a naughty view looking up her overhanging ass from below.

Carmen Electric. 10:39

Carmen probably has several orgasms at different times throughout this masturbation scene with a few different positions involved. She starts squatting backwards giving you a view up her butt from below as she twerks her ass while grinding the vibrator against her clirotis. The first orgasm is quite obvious with visible contractions in her anus. A few minutes in she changes position to lie on her back with her butt hanging off the edge of the couch. After another orgasm she lies back with her legs in the air and she moves the vibrator to her ass hole while fingering her pussy with the other hand. Despite being drained she keeps trying for yet another orgasm that doesn’t come but still offers some very nice views.

Glee Whiz. 2:48

Carmen has a pee right on the hardwood floor while squatting on the floor. She has a good giggle at her naughty antics and clearly has lots of fun doing this. Afterwards she sits right in her puddle and dips her ass up and down in the puddle with pee continually dripping off her ass cheeks.

After Words. 7:04

This behind the scene video shows Carmen cleaning up after her pee scene. There is one off camera crew voice engaging her in casual banter enticing some quite entertaining personality out of her.