996 Kalina Ryu

997 Luna Star

998 Eileen Sue

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Luna Landing. ITC Favorite 27:11

Luna really rocks in her long white pants. Though they cover everything you can well imagine what is underneath as her shape and softness are quite evident through the material. The white cotton fabric outlines her butt cheeks beautifully even up in her ass crack at times. She soon pulls her pants down to just under her ass and leaves them there for the longest time teasing with lots of amazing bare ass views. Her bend over ass is pretty spectacular. She has surely one of the prettiest undersides in the business with beautiful thick pussy lips and a very shapely ass with smooth tanned skin. She does a sexy little twerk while squatting with her pants still around her thighs. You get an awesome view from underneath as she squats right over your face with her ass falling out of her pants. She plant as sexy anus wink on your face in the middle of it. Then lying on the ground she does some beautiful ass spreading with more close up anus winking. Not until 20 minutes in does she finally remove her pants completely and then it’s all bottomless posing while her top remains on. She struts around a little bit showing off her form in motion. Much of the time she bends over the railing with one knee up over the railing giving you more excellent views up her gorgeous undercarriage with some anus winking mixed in from time to time.

Star Wetness. ITC Favorite 11:51

Luna puts on a stellar performance with her vibrating purple dildo producing several squirting orgasms. The action is intense and the pussy and ass views are pretty awesome. She is almost constantly dripping pussy juices punctuated with intermittent splashes of squirt. You’ll love how her vagina opens up with her muscles thrusting her vagina out as she squirts. Besides this her ass looks amazing hanging in mid air with juices and squirt dripping off of the cheeks. Though she doesn’t squirt the volume that some other girls do this is still certainly one of the best squirting orgasm scenes on the site thanks to the prolonged intense action, explicit views and the pure beauty of her truly gorgeous pussy and ass.

Following the Star. 2:22

After she was done with the scene we just left the camera rolling to get her reactions and some BTS footage. There’s a surprise appearance of another naked girl and a brief impromptu bit of action that was unplanned.