997 Luna Star

998 Eileen Sue

999 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Eileen Forward. 8:17

You may be distracted by Eileen’s stunning blue eyes at times through this video. The white and gold dress looks quite elegant on her against a decidedly less elegant background. Her posing is measured and polished with various states of undress and then fully nude in the last couple of minutes.

On Shagedelic Rugs. 11:48

Eileen gets down on the multi coloured mat to show off her bare naked pussy and ass in lots of different positions. Nothing happens particularly fast giving you plenty of time to admire the beautiful feminine parts as she moves around. Her position squatting crab walk style with her butt hanging in mid air is especially nice with a great view of her entire underside undulating in your face. Towards the end she gets up on the couch and squats her ass down right over your face letting you gaze straight up the private parts with everything held open.

I'm getting Cool Vibes. 7:45

Eileen uses a small teal coloured vibrator on her pussy while lying on the rug. For the best part of this clip she gets up in a crab walk position again so that her ass hangs in mid air while she brings the action to a climax. You get a particularly nice view of her pussy and ass area with some nice squirming motion through the orgasm of the clip.

Sue your Ass. 5:21

Eileen now uses a slim purple wand to dabble around in her ass. You’ll notice in the close up views that her ass hole is less than perfectly shaved with fine hairs all around her anus. There is no real heat in the action here as she mostly just dabbles in her ass for display.