975 Suzie Carina

976 Nici Dee

977 Candice Dare

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This may be one of the rare circumstances where you wont care so much about looking at the girl’s pussy and ass because her face is just too cute to ignore for any period of time.

Scene 1

Look at D’s. ITC Favorite 17:49

Nici is not always so sure of herself and yet she is oh so charming with the cutest face and the most perfect boobs. Her smile could not possibly be any more charming and her boobs are almost too good to be real, but they surely are in fact real. There’s an inordinate amount of waist up views throughout this strip tease as we focus on her best assets. There’s some beautiful boob fondling as she bends over with her boobs dangling and wobbling in mid air. You cannot help but smile as you watch her bashfully displaying her stunning assets.

Nici Dee Split. 10:17

With her pants now off we turn our attention down to her lower body. There’s a fantastic low angle view looking up her front side as she stands over the camera with her thick pussy lips in the foreground and her big boobs dominating the view up top. There’s some light pussy fondling while sitting on the edge of the couch. She then turns around to spread her assets while bending over on her knees.

Play with Dee Lips. 8:55

Nici is just too cute at the beginning of this clip with a shy smile that hardly belongs with what she is about to do. Nevertheless she does start rubbing her big thick pussy lips while lying back on the couch. It’s doubtful that there’s any real orgasm in this yet it is still a nice display of thick pussy lips being manipulated under circling fingers.