969 Denise Sky

970 Abby Lee Brazil

971 Amirah Adara

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A shadowy Figure. ITC Favorite 15:21

New model Abby has quite a stunning figure with beautifully rounded hips and tight ab muscles. The lighting angles are primarily from the side and outline her figure quite nicely. Though she does get fully naked by the half way point there are large portions of this clip that are not so graphic as we often stand back and just admire her incredible figure in the standing position. Later she moves onto the deck chair and treats you to some revealing bend over poses and she squats in your face for a great up the ass view.

Abby Lee View Fucked up. 8:48

Abby uses a small pink vibrator on her pussy while lying back on the chair. For a while it may seem that her moans are just for show but then the scene comes to a climax with a very obvious orgasm with quite pronounced orgasmic contractions.

Body Lee Fluids. ITC Favorite 15:16

Abby moves to the pool and spends this entire clip posing on the shallow shelf in the pool, all the while with her shoes still on. Her poses are really outstanding showing off her incredible figure with lots of attention to the legs and ass. You’ll love the way she floats her ass in the water both in the legs closed and legs open positions. She does a beautiful ass twerk while squatting in the pool. Even her front side sitting position is stunning with her amazing hips forming the most beautiful curves. Later on with the help of an off camera assistant we see some fantastic water streams flowing all over her bent over ass. Her bend over ass wobbling is a beautiful sight with wet skin glistening in the sun and amazing curves flowing in all directions. The video ends with Abby briefly swimming around in the pool and then playfully positioning her pussy in the fountain’s line of fire.