961 Candice Luca

962 Vanda Lust

963 Aidra Fox

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

My Favourite Part of the Thong. 13:04

Vanda’s panty tease is quite revealing with her panties tugged right up in her pussy slit and sometimes pulled aside revealing the pretty bits underneath. The back of her panties doesn’t hide much either with just a slim thong in her butt crack. She takes her time getting the panties off but there is a little bit of bottomless nudity at the end.

Ogle Pig. 5:23

Now fully nude Vanda shows off her flawless underside with a bit of pussy spreading and positions lying on her back and front. She is a little lacking in passion but still very nice to look at.

A Hard Pill to Swallow. 8:30

Vanda uses a chrome egg shaped vibrator on the end of a string in her pussy. There’s lots of dabbling around with the toy often buried in her vagina showing just the power cord coming out of a very pretty pussy. After starting lying on her back she turns onto her front in the second half giving the view up her butt while she rubs the vibrator against her clit. Finally she turns onto her back again and brings the action to a climax, though it is unclear whether there really is an orgasm here.

Fumble in the End Zone. 12:36

The same chrome vibrator now gets stuffed up her ass hole going all the way in until only the string is seen coming out of her ass. There’s a bit of fumbling around as she has some trouble getting the slippery toy up her ass without loosing her grip on it. The toy turns out to be not the most practical for anal insertion although it looks cool coming out of her ass and she seems to have fun with it. Later on she flosses her pussy slit and ass crack with the power cord before stuffing the toy up her ass again. In the final few minutes we get some very nice ass crack views with the toy emerging out of her anus while she lies on her front with her legs open. She ends up using just a finger in her ass at the end.