935 Jasmine Wolff

936 Vicki Chase

937 Foxy Di

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Chase the Chica. ITC Favorite 15:01

Vicki takes a walk poolside in a super sexy dress with an unusual design that seems to reveal all of her curves wiggling around in spite of covering everything but her legs. The dress is really quite exciting especially when you realize there are no panties on underneath it and you are inches away from seeing her pussy and ass. You can see her boobs pushing through the dress and there’s no disguising the amazing wiggle going on under the fabric. Half way through she lifts her dress up and gives you an explicit look straight up her spread ass. She then continues walking around with the dress held up high and finally completely off for a beautiful naked parade. You might say Vicki has one of the sexiest walks of any girl on our site with lot of beautiful wiggling going on.

Sun Buns. 3:50

Now on the outdoor couch Vicki shows off her amazingly smooth ass with some bend over posing, booty wobbling and ass spreading. It is quite brief but still nicely displays one of the prettiest asses on the site.

Gimme One Good Freezin’. 9:53

Vicki uses a popsicle shaped dildo in this masturbation scene. It’s not really made of ice so she doesn’t really freeze her ass off and there is no melting going on but it does eventually produce a nice little stream of pussy goo towards the end. She has an awesome pose lying on her back with her knees up to her chest showing off a beautiful bulging ass. This is followed a pose lying on her side giving a great view of her flawless ass crack and anus while she fucks her pussy. After some moderate pussy dabbling she picks up the pace considerably and enthusiastically pumps her pussy hard and deep and a little puddle of pussy juice forms around the toy and flows down into her ass crack.

It's like Pool 'n Tease. ITC Favorite 10:45

This clip starts with the dress back on as she wades into her pool with the dress held up high to expose her ass and boobs. There’s lots of wet skin and beautiful ass spreads throughout this clip first while standing in the pool and then lying on top of a dividing wall in the pool. You’ll love the way she thrusts her ass up in the air exposing her gorgeous ass crack to the sun. Her pose lying on her side is quite awesome with amazing curves and silky smooth skin beautifully exposed all around her spread ass.