928 Eve Evans

929 Whitney Conroy

930 Marica Hase

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Panty for your Thoughts. 10:29

Whitney's strip tease video is quite softcore with lots of panty posing and rolling around on the bed. The last couple of minutes has an excellent intro to her bare ass as she poses lying on her side with her panties down around her thighs while spreading her butt.

Smoothie Star. 5:15

This is all just nude posing taking time to admire Whitney's super smooth pussy and ass area. There's barely a follicle of stubble anywhere with flawless feminine skin everywhere. She moves slowly through several different positions occasionally spreading her pussy and ass open for a more explicit view.

Czech the Friggers. 6:24

Whitney has a quick masturbation session using just her fingers to rub her pussy. She remains lying on her front with her legs open through all of this giving you a great view up her squirming ass while she masturbates.

An Expressionist Panter. 5:54

Now lying back on the bed Whitney uses a large powerful vibrator on her pussy to bring on an orgasm. There's a lot of panting going on and you may wonder if it is genuine but the eventual orgasm clears that up with some uncontrolled squirming and some visible contractions in her anus. You can see her outer pussy lips swelling as they become quite engorged and puffy under the stimulation.

Scene 2

This Round's on Me. 4:22

While squatting in the shower Whitney takes a pee in a glass jug and then she pours it all down her body. It's quite a substantial pee as she half fills a quite a large jug. At the end she turns on the shower to rinse herself off.

Whiz 'n Wash. 2:13

Whitney sits on the back corner of a large bathtub to pee. She uses one hand to lightly rub per pussy in between squirts of pee. After she is done peeing she uses the shower head to rinse off her pussy.