910 Vicki Chase

911 Jada Stevens

912 Sara Luvv

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Stevens Gawking. 16:32

What better way to show off Jada's big butt than with a tiny pair of shorts that completely fail to contain her enormous curves. The tight fitting stretchy fabric hides nothing of her amazing shape with plenty of cheek spilling out the bottom. She gets her junk flopping around very nicely in positions sitting backwards on a stool and lying on her front on the counter top. Then with the shorts off she strikes a great pose lying on her back with her legs up enhancing her big curves with her big round butt bulging in your face. She does a little of her famous butt wobble while kneeling on all fours with her junk moving around in gravity defying slow motion. She ends up standing and sitting backwards on the stool once again showing off her big naked ass hovering over your face with lots of spreading and bouncing.

Pepper Pooper Poker. 12:13

Jada uses a pepper shaped glass dildo in this anal scene with lots of spit lubing up her ass hole. There's some really nice ass motion as she lies on her front with the dildo sandwiched between her ass cheeks. The big wide ass curves really pop when she lies on her back hugging her knees with one hand and fucking her ass with the other hand.

Get to the Back of the Lime. 4:39

Jada gets really messy with a tub of lime ice cream and an ice cream scoop getting it all over her pussy and ass. Her reactions are unavoidably genuine as she literally freezes her ass off. It is one delicious looking mess with thick voluptuous feminine flesh caked in glistening slimy edible green stuff.