891 Eve Evans

892 Cindy Starfall

893 Candy Sweet

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Bella Bartalk. ITC Favorite 26:50

Our cutest little Asian girl has never looked hotter than she does here with her sexy shorts and colourful ensemble matching the surroundings. Her stunning smile combined with a little bit of sexy talk makes for a very charming and adorable girl with lots of character and sexy charisma. She hardly needs to take any clothes off to be sexy, and she doesn't for quite a long time. After the shorts come off the tease continues with a nice pair of black and red panties that fit around her beautiful ass perfectly. The panties come down with 10 minutes remaining leaving lots of time to admire her flawless girlie bits. She strikes several spectacular poses lying on her side on the bar stool with an amazing ass spread open and her gorgeous smile looking back at you.

Bar be Doll. 9:30

Cindy gets right up on top of the bar to pose in several lying down and bend over positions. She does some very nice crawling action moving from one end of the bar to the other on her hands and knees. Once again you will be struck by how flawless her ass is, not to mention her silky smooth hair and charming smile as she crawls towards you. The clip ends with Cindy squatting both backwards and forwards with her ass hanging out over the edge of the bar.

Cindy Deep End. 12:06

Cindy starts with her big rubber dildo while lying on her back. She soon moves to a squatting position with the dildo stuck to the counter top providing some very pretty humping action as viewed from behind. In the latter half she turns to face forwards and she fucks herself with the toy while hovering her ass in mid air off the edge of the counter top. Her vagina hangs open quite nicely when she takes the toy out of her pussy.

Scene 2

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star. 0:58

Now outdoors Cindy has a quick pee while leaning against an outdoor bar with her ass hovering in mid air. The lighting is maybe not the greatest but she lets out a pretty decent stream of pee.