870 Angel Snow

871 Jada Stevens

872 Niki Lee Young

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Rump 'n Stump. 30:13

Once again Jada's most obvious asset gets the lions share of our attention in this strip tease and nude posing video. She looks stunning in this uniquely sexy dress with a scrunchy butt outlining the voluptuous curves of her rear. Her ass is virtually bursting out of her dress as it struggles to contain her enormous booty. More than half of this clip is all nude posing leaving tons of time to just soak in her bare pussy and ass and wallow in the thickness of her hefty curves. There's a lengthy segment just soaking in the depths of her ass crack to admire her anus up close and watch her cheeks jiggle all around you. Jada also displays some amazing big curves while lying on her back with her legs up and together with her knees up to her chest.

Block Buzzed 'er Video. 4:40

Jada uses her plug in hitachi vibrator to get a really strong buzz building up to an orgasm. She remains lying on her back throughout and comes to an orgasm fairly quickly. After she is done with the toy you can see that her pussy lips appear even more thick than usual as they have swollen up from the stimulation and activity.

Scene 2

Broad Walk. 6:54

Jada's painted on dress and voluptuous curves were virtually begging for a nice walking video. You see some amazing wiggle action with Jada walking back and forth on an outdoor boardwalk both in the dress and then fully naked. She has some amazingly jiggly assets that really come alive with motion as she struts back and forth.

A Bootyfull Water Crawl. 7:42

Now in the shallow reflection pond there's more back and forth motion but now with Jada crawling instead of walking. She pauses for a while lying on her front to just bob her ass up and down in the waterline. She does a nice little bend over ass wobble and then walks away to end the video. There's a few exposure issues in this clip though overall it's a unique bit of crawling action in a large pond and unlike anything else you might have seen.