867 Remy LaCroix

868 Anikka Albrite

869 Cayenne Klein

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Fine Silver Wear. 10:41

Anikka's big curves are almost bursting out of her tight fitting silver dress as it barely covers her ass and the low angle views easily reveal her silky purple panties. There's lots of squirmy dancelike motion in the first part as she wiggles her butt around over your face. Later with the dress off we take some time to just soak in the big curves of her ass with the silky purple panties on but still revealing plenty of her bare butt cheeks.

Knickers Down. 13:10

Now lying on her front on the couch Anikka lowers her panties to just under her ass giving a beautiful reveal of her naughty bits. There's tons of excellent bend over posing with her monster curves high in the air exposing her thick meaty pussy lips beautifully. The views get really explicit when she wraps her hands around behind her ass to pry her vagina wide open in your face. Later while lying on her back she stuffs her panties part way up her vagina and then sucks on them. In the last couple of minutes she stand up and spreads her underside in your face. She also does some very sexy hands free butt jiggling in the standing position.

You've come to the Dong Conclusion. ITC Favorite 15:17

The monster curves are beautifully displayed in the beginning of this dildo scene as Anikka lies back with her knees up to her chest with her huge ass and thick pussy bulging out prominently to fill your screen. She then turns onto her side for a short while before moving onto her back with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch for the majority of this clip. The dildo penetration is really nice and juicy with thick glistening lips wrapped around the toy and nice creamy streams of pussy juice flowing down over her ass cheeks. The climax to this masturbation scene is really very sexy with an apparently genuine orgasm and some nice squirming motion. The scene ends with a very nice bend over pose beautifully showing off her freshly fucked pussy with everything glistening and moist.