865 Katia de Lys

866 Ria Rodriguez

867 Remy LaCroix

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Due to the overwhelming heat and humidity of this location Ria becomes progressively more sweaty throughout these four video clips becoming a glistening sticky hot mess by the end. All four clips put the focus squarely on her fantastic ass pretty much throughout the whole thing.

Scene 1

A Terrace Bummer. 11:24

There's plenty of attention to Ria's obvious rear end assets in this strip tease video. Her dress doesn't stay on for long and her red panties let plenty of butt cheek spill out the bottom. There's a sexy little bit of nude butt slapping at the tail end of this clip.

She's so Cued. 4:40

Moving now to the pool table Ria uses the pool cue as a prop and slides her ass crack all up and down the cue. The way she wraps her butt cheeks around the cue will have you wishing you were reincarnated as her pool cue.

Blue Bling Bullet. 5:52

Ria wears a little extra bling in her ass with a gem stone butt plug stuffed up her ass while she moves around. At first she walks around on the balcony with the butt plug sandwiched between her wobbling ass cheeks. Later she gets up on top of the pool table and shows off a great bend over pose with her big mounds opening up into the air. You see the butt plug being pulled out of her ass near the end.

Fresh Laid Ass Felt. 6:06

Ria's anal masturbation scene displays some really nice curvy ass views with her big butt bulging in your face while lying on her side and on her front. There is some action with a gem stone studded dildo although for the most part the toy is just a prop with more attention focused on just displaying her amazing rear end.