852 Lexi Bloom

853 Gina Devine

854 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Devine Vista. 11:17

This video starts with a bit of casual pacing around on the beachside patio and features some very nicely lit up skirt views showing off her panties and peach fuzz butt cheeks. Though the dress doesn't come off until the end of this there is a substantial amount of nudity after she removes her panties and pulls her dress up around her boobs. We get some great underside views with reflected light filling every crevasse as she spreads her pussy and ass in your face.

Bench Fries. 7:03

Now fully naked on the bench Gina does lots of bend over and squatting poses showing off her beautiful pussy and ass as she virtually sits on your face. The higher angle shots show off some beautiful posture with really nice curves in her lower back. She ends up squatting in a forwards facing position with her pussy hovering in mid air right in front of you.

Pour Girl got all Wet. ITC Favorite 2:57

This brief interlude shows Gina pouring a bottle of water all down her body in both front and rear views. The close up shots are really beautiful with wet skin glistening in the reflected light.

A Case of Pink Ice. 10:35

Now sitting on a small chair Gina uses a pink popsicle shaped dildo for her sex toy. There is no gushing of juices here but she is quite passionate bringing the action to a quivering climax. The last three minutes features some very nice pussy spreading with four fingers prying her vagina wide open.