076 Pocahontas

077 Mya Diamond & Sophie Paris

078 Liz Honey

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Bosom Buddies. 10:43

You see the beautiful blonde and exotic brunette pair sitting on the couch kissing and exploring each other's breasts. In the later half of the clip Mya and Sophie kneel face to face rubbing their snug perky little breasts against each other. It's rather different stuff such as you've probably not seen before elsewhere. There's four gorgeous perky breasts all swishing and flapping against each other sometimes with tight little bounces as they pass and you can even hear the skin on skin sound if you turn up the volume. The girl's seem to have had a good time doing this as is apparent by the frequent giggles and chatter.

Edible Panties. ITC Favorite 11:07

Now Mya gets on her knees with her immaculate rear end in the air for Sophie to play with her beautiful white panties. For a while Sophie runs her fingers under the thong in Mya's crack alternately giving her wedgies and pulling the panties aside so you can view Mya perfect crack. Then she snuggles into Mya's crack and has a good taste of her panties with extra special attention to the crotch area. She even turns Mya's panty crotch inside out while she still wears them so she can have a good lick of the inside crotch lining right where they have been rubbing against her vulva and anus. Things get even sexier after the panties come off. Mya lies back with her legs up so Sophie can stuff her panties crotch first up her vagina. She gets a good lick all up and down Mya's panties as they slowly emerge out of her pussy. She stuffs the panties back up Mya's pussy several times and treats herself to a nice taste of both pussy and panties all at the same time.

Lickity Split. 14:49

Now without the panties Mya lies back with her legs up to receive a good tongue bath all over her smooth pussy lips and up her crack. There's lots of great views with both faces and Mya's pussy and ass all in one shot. Much of this is shot from right in Mya's ass crack under her butt hole looking up to her silky smooth pussy lips as Sophie's tongue splits the bulging moist lips. Mya is pretty quiet in this clip although she does giggle a little whenever she gets her anus licked. Apparently she has a ticklish ass hole.

Crack Snack. ITC Favorite 7:40

Mya turns to lie on her side with her ass out on the edge of the couch for Sophie to totally eat her ass out. It's hard to imagine a better position to show off Mya's truly spectacular undercarriage from front to back with her flawless skin, immaculate curves, gorgeous butt crack, and sliky smooth hairless pussy lips all fully on display. Sophie licks Mya's privates up and down but with almost exclusive attention to the most intimate regions of her ass crack. We get right in close to ogle Sophie's tongue squirming right in the center of Mya's anus. Now things get really pretty when Mya sticks her hand down between her legs and starts to rub her pussy at the same time. If pussy lips are your thing you wont find any prettier pussy lips than this as they bulge and squirm around her manipulating fingers rubbing her clit to an orgasm.

Sophie's Cheeks. 4:02

Here's a quick look up Sophie's ass both with and without the thong panties going through her crack while Mya fiddles with her cheeks and jiggles them around a bit. Not a spectacular piece of video but nice all the same.

Low-cal Diet. 12:02

Now Sophie lies back with her legs up for Mya to eat up her private parts. Some might say the girls lack a little passion in this but there's no denying there's some really amazing views in this clip. With good lighting and great camera angles you'll be enjoying some of the best views of Sophie's privates and sometimes with her face, pussy and ass hole all in the shot at the same time. There's a fabulous close up of Mya's tongue flicking over the prettiest anus we've ever filmed. At the end Mya just slowly fingers Sophie's pussy with up to three fingers at once. So the action's a bit slow but the views are spectacular.

Get Cracking. 8:14

This is quite similar to the "Crack Snack" video above but with the girls in opposite positions. Lying on her side Sophie rubs her pussy to an orgasm while Mya gets busy entertaining Sophie's beautiful ass hole with her tongue. After Sophie gets her hand out of the way Mya has some really nice long licks right through the entire length of her privates like a big lollipop from her ass hole over her vagina between bulging lips to her clit. There's lots of really nice views up Sophie's underside throughout this clip. At the end there's a nice close up of the two girls kissing.

Scene 2

Myan Temple. ITC Favorite 5:42

Want to gaze up Mya's naked ass simply for the sake of admiring her sheer perfection and amazing shape? That's all we do here with the assistance of Sophie's hands spreading, manipulating, and jiggling her ass cheeks for your viewing pleasure. Those are some tight little wobbles and jiggles that ripple through her fabulously toned cheeks. With her clean little pussy slit, shape defining creases under her ass cheeks, and awesome curves all over the place it's one gorgeous view all through her naked pussy and ass. We also sneak right up Mya's ass crack for a while and examine her anus while she flexes it in and out and Sophie spreads it at the same time.

Parisian Underground. ITC Favorite 7:15

Now the girls reverse position and do the exact same thing as in the previous clip. This time you're gazing up Sophie's ass while Mya plays with her beautiful ass cheeks. Like the previous clip, it's not your typical porn but it's certainly an ass oglers delight with some of the prettiest up the ass views you'll ever see. It also helps that Sophie has the most gorgeous ass hole in existence. You'll get a great close up look at her perfect brown patch of creases spreading out over her open ass crack and she flexes it in and out for your viewing pleasure.

Scene 3

Urine Assistant. 2:18

Sophie takes a pee onto the floor sitting on the edge of the couch while Mya "assists" her with her pee. Admittedly Mya didn't really know what to do with herself and becomes a little bashful and giggly but she does have her finger virtually in Sophie's pussy and getting a bit wet in the process. After Sophie's done peeing Mya uses a towel to wipe Sophie's pussy dry.