837 Cindy Starfall

838 Remy LaCroix

839 Kiera Winters

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Pretty Short Notice. 18:11

This is all about the butt cheek tease from one of the queens of butt cheek voluptuousity with a super short pair of jean shorts letting her butt cheeks spill out the bottom of the shorts quite substantially. She gives herself quite the wedgie with the jeans shorts right up her ass crack as she squirms her fantastic smooth ass curves in your face. There's a combination of standing and lying on her front poses all the while soaking in her big juicy ass curves. Half way through her jean shorts come off revealing an equally nice pair of silky blue panties. We spend just as long soaking in her panty ass with lots of panty teasing and a little bit of jiggly ass motion now that her girlie mounds are set free from the confines of her jean shorts.

Knotty Butt Nice. 12:19

With Remy now completely naked we spend some time just inspecting her bare pussy and ass as she squirms her butt around and frequently spreads her cheeks and lips open with her hands. She has a little extra flap of skin on her butt hole which you may find either distracting or intriguing. Her poses squatting on top of your face are really excellent with all her private places spread open revealing everything.

Remy Squeeze some Juice for you. ITC Favorite 7:46

Remy uses a large purple vibrator jammed hard against her clitoris while she lies on her front. The position gets her ass up in the air giving a great view up her ass through the entire duration of the masturbation session. There's a little bit of humping motion and some nice twitching around her anus area as she slowly builds up to an orgasm. The orgasm takes a little while to come but it really is an impressive orgasm, not because of any great passion but because of the intense contraction that are super obvious around her anus and taint area. You will certainly be intrigued to watch her anus repeatedly flexing and clenching down hard with her orgasmic contractions. Equally as interesting is the big gobs of clear cum that she dabs her fingers into after the orgasm.

Scene 2

Ass to the Vista, Baby. ITC Favorite 4:42

Remy heads outside to show off her fantastic figure in motion while walking back and forth on the deck with a very scenic background behind her. Not only is her ass obviously mesmerizing but this walking action shows her hips are also quite spectacular in the front side view.