835 Cassie Laine

836 Tracy Gold

837 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

Gold and Oldies. 15:52

This may be one of the most opulent sets we have ever shot with new model Tracy posing in the lush interior of a 900 year Italian castle. After the initial overload of colour and detail from the set your attention will be drawn to her sexy ass cheeks with a quite unique pair of shorts outlining her curves. The lacy bottom end of her short reveal quite a lot of her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. The strip tease progresses with segments focusing on her beautiful face, breasts and a nice introduction to her bare underside with the panties pulled aside.

Study Hall Research. 8:12

With Tracy now fully naked her bare pussy and ass get our undivided attention while she poses on top of the table. Her various poses all get the feminine bits out in the open, often with her butt cheeks and pussy lips spread open leaving nothing to the imagination.

Struck by a Whitening Rod. 13:52

Tracy uses a white vibrator on her pussy while sitting on the chair with her ass right on the edge giving an excellent view of her entire underside through all the action. Before long she moves onto the top of the table showing a perhaps even more revealing pose with her legs spread wide in the air. Ironically the nearby church bells start ringing just as she starts getting all juicy with goo oozing out of her vagina. The action becomes quite explicit and exciting as she becomes more aroused with the toy popping all the way out of her vagina between strokes and pussy juice flowing down her butt crack.