814 Victoria Rose

815 Jessa Rhodes

816 Mischa Brooks

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Curvy Rhodes. 14:47

Jessa's strip tease involves quite a bit of booty shaking with her white lace panties still on. It's only after she removes her panties that her best assets are revealed as she shows off her silky smooth, hairless and flawless pussy and ass. She soon moves onto the bed and shows off her naked body beautifully with many revealing poses. There's some fantastic underside views with Jessa squatting backwards on the edge of the bed with her spread pussy and ass hovering over your face. In some respects she doesn't have the look we would typically go for with the tattoos and multi coloured hair and yet she is easily one of the most beautiful girls on the site with a stunning face and an immaculate undercarriage.

Balls of Steel. 7:56

Jessa plays around with a string of anal beads stuffing them in her ass and pulling them out several times. There's a little bit of masturbation involved as she sometimes rubs her pussy at the same time, though the main focus is on her beautiful ass.

Acute Accent. 1:01

This is just a short behind the scenes snippet showing Jessa chatting up the crew and doing her best Russian accent. Sometimes the real personality only comes out when the model is not performing for the camera or doesn't know that the camera is rolling. That is certainly the case here.

Scene 2

Jessa for you. 13:48

This is Jessa's original casting footage with the first half of this being a strip tease followed by some masturbation action using a powerful vibrator. She looks super hot wearing her bright blue top and jean shorts for the strip tease. We take some time to admire her bare pussy and ass with a few revealing positions displaying her immaculate underside before she moves onto the bed to use the toy. She keeps her top on through all of this though pulled right up over her boobs which seems to somehow enhance the nudity of the rest of her body. It takes her quite a long time to reach an orgasm, though with some very nice views along the way.

Scene 3

Whiz Happening? 1:00

Jessa takes a quick pee while squatting ass up on the back yard walkway. It's pretty brief but with some nice personality at the end.