796 Hannah Reilly

797 Anikka Albrite & Riley Reid

798 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

After their excellent performance together in release #700 it seemed an obvious choice to make a sequel with these two girls together again. Their efforts this time around make for yet another oscar worthy performance.

Scene 1

Bridge it Fondle. 8:22

Anikka and Riley start this scene standing on a glass bridge and both wearing identical dresses. The glass bridge gives some very unusual perspectives as we shoot almost all of this from directly underneath with views looking straight up their butts from 10 feet below. None of the clothes come off at this point but it is an excellent tease with a perspective that is rarely seen.

Dribbles and Bits. ITC Favorite 17:42

Now on the couch Riley spends quite a long time just worshipping Anikka's amazing ass. It is a perfect combination of one of the best asses we have shot along with one of the best ass lickers in the business. Anikka's panties stay on for the first seven minutes for a beautiful tease with lots of booty bouncing, slapping and some very genuine ass worship. Then with the panties off Riley frequently dribbles spit down Anikka's ass crack and licks it up. Sensual ass ogling gradually turns to passionate ass licking with Riley getting her face stuck up Anikka's deep ass crack and digging her tongue up her anus. Then with Anikka bending over on her knees Riley enthusiastically takes repeated lollipop licks all the way up the full length of Anikka's crack, dribbling down her crack, eating all of her pussy and ass and burying her face deep in the crack.

Sin Sin Nutty Bang Gals. 11:21

Now with both girls completely naked Anikka uses a vibrator on her clitoris while Riley gives her a good finger banging repeatedly thrusting two fingers up her pussy. There might be as many as three real orgasms in this footage although it is not so obvious with Riley's hand obscuring any contractions. At the end Riley chows down on Anikka's crack one more time taking an enthusiastic lick with her face totally buried up her crack.

Life is Lick a Box of Chick Lips. 3:56

Riley now leans back and lets Anikka eat her pussy. The front side angle is especially sexy with Anikka's big round ass sticking up in the air in the background. Anikka spends much of the time sucking on Riley's clit which somewhat obscures the naughty bits but the real appeal is in Riley's very genuine reactions to the sensations.

The Best of Both Girls. ITC Favorite 8:12

Riley now uses the vibrator on her pussy while Anikka sits on her face. The girls position themselves so that you can see both Anikka's big round ass and Riley's squirting orgasms both at the same time. In between Riley's squirting orgasms we move in close to get a spectacular view up Anikka's big squirming ass as she humps Riley's face. Riley's squirting is also amazing with her vagina sometime thrusting itself out and a big puddle developing on the floor. Towards the end Anikka moves down onto the floor and sucks on Riley's clitoris once again.

Slurpy Sluts. 1:27

Both girls get down on the floor and lick Riley's squirt puddle off the floor. This may not be suitable for all viewers as it's pretty hardcore and raunchy, especially when they start slurping it up and dribbling the squirt on each other.

Sit Faced. ITC Favorite 5:29

Now with Riley lying on her back on the couch Anikka quite literally sits on her face with her full weight and grinds her pussy and ass into her face. Riley's make up gets destroyed with Anikka thoroughly fucking her face leaving Riley's eye shadow smeared all over her ass cheeks.

The Aftermath. ITC Favorite 3:41

This is all behind the scenes footage in the aftermath of their fantastic performance. As you will see they still cannot stop playing with each other even after the production is over with. You see Anikka cleaning Riley's make up off her ass and then Riley attacks her once again and starts eating her ass out. We follow them as the walk up the stairs and return to the make up chair. If you think the make up artist is hot you can also check her out on inthecrack under the name Betty Saint.