791 Charley Monroe

792 Erica Fontes

793 Sheena Shaw

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

The Adventures of Rubbin' Hood. 22:02

This video has a pretty obvious theme with Erica posing in an authentic medieval castle wearing a somewhat less authentic Robin Hood outfit. At first we see her walking into the castle from outside with her outfit so short that you can virtually see her ass. She wears absolutely no panties underneath and with the dress flaring out at the bottom it is quite accommodating for some sneaky views up her dress. She pulls her pert little boobs out of the outfit and then she turns around to show you some much less discreet views up her dress. She gets right up on the table and shows off her amazing pussy and ass with lots of revealing posing and spreading. You get quite an eyeful of nude girlie parts even though she never takes off a single article of clothing. You will surely be impressed with the immaculate perfection of her super tidy undercarriage with not a single blemish or follicle of stubble to be seen. She lies back on the table and she gradually starts to masturbate rubbing her pussy with her fingers. There is no orgasm to this but it does display her underside quite beautifully.

Sure Would For Us. 6:56

Erica slowly peels off her dress and then just shows off her naked body for the duration of this clip. There's some excellent underside views with Erica squatting backwards on the edge of the table and her ass hovering over your face. She gets a very nice pussy spread in this squatting position with her vagina gaping wide open.

Try 'er Fuck. 8:54

Erica uses a dildo made of pewter in this masturbation scene. Her position lying back with her legs wide open exposes her naughty bits very nicely. She gets quite moist and creamy after a while although it's perhaps not so obvious that there is any genuine orgasm in this. There's some quite explicit pussy spreading at the end of this clip.

Little Jaunt. 4:06

Now outdoors we see Erica just strolling around in the courtyard showing off her figure in motion. She is completely naked except for her shoes. Her figure is so firm that there's almost no wiggle in her walk and yet she has quite a bubbly little butt and an impressive tight package of curves.