782 Rosemary Radeva

783 Gina Devine

784 Remy LaCroix

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Getting her Dots off. 6:12

Gina's super tidy figure is well displayed with her small polka dot thong panties hiding only the bare essentials. Her posing is very elegant and polished as she moves like a seasoned professional in this brief intro.

Nice Bed Spread. 16:39

Now with Gina completely naked she spends this entire clip just showing off her bare pussy and ass with lots of very explicit and revealing posing. The first half is a virtual feast of non stop bend over posing, squatting in your face and ass spreading with everything out in the open for inspection. Later she does a very nice pose lying on her side and also on her back with her rather large pussy lips bulging out prominently. After a multitude of excellent poses she lies back with her legs up and just spreads her pussy open for a couple of minutes giving some very good open pussy views with her fingers well enough back as to not obscure the view.

Deep Pearl Pull. ITC Favorite 15:20

Gina's pearl necklace becomes her sex toy and a prop for generally showing off her big fat pussy lips. Her pussy flossing is particularly nice with the beads snaking through her thick pussy lips. She also buries almost the entire string of pearls up her pussy with the remaining pearls getting stuffed up her ass leaving just a few exposed pearls connecting her anus and her vagina. She definitely works the tease beautifully as she starts to pull the pearls out leaving them dangling partway out and wagging her ass around. She maintains an excellent position squatting over your face as she slowly pulls the rest of the pearls out of her pussy and her ass. She keeps the squatting pose giving a great view up her underside as she then starts to floss her pussy and ass crack. After just showing off her anatomy using the pearls as a prop through most of this clip she then gets busy flossing her pussy and building up some excitement to a climax.