778 Jayden Lee

779 Frida

780 Cherie DeVille

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

The audio for this collection is unfortunately ruined by an annoying neighbour in the building using a power tool throughout virtually the entire duration. The show had to go on or else we would have lost the chance to shoot with Frida. We recommend just turning the sound off.

Scene 1

Frill Frida Watch. ITC Favorite 14:49

Frida's strip tease takes place standing in front of a full length mirror giving some interesting views of her front and back simultaneously. There's a brief look at her nicely fitting jean shorts followed by lots of panty posing. Her panties are super crisp white with a slim back portion filling her ass crack almost like a thong. Then bottomless for the entire second half of this we spend plenty of time just gazing up her bare pussy and ass from below while she spreads her beautiful underside in your face. Her squirmy motions are really enticing as she dances around over your face showing her curvy undercarriage in motion while her face is seen in the mirror at the same time.

She's Pretty Nice Sofa. 7:45

This is all just nude posing on the couch with several very revealing poses getting her naked pussy and ass out in the open. She spends time squatting over your face and lying on her back and side with a few pussy spreads mixed in from time to time.

She Fuckin' Blue it. 8:40

Frida uses a bright cobalt blue dildo in this masturbation scene while lying back on the couch. Partway through she slides her ass right off the edge of the couch giving an awesome view of her ass hanging in mid air with a beautiful little stream of pussy juice running down over her ass cheek.

Handy Floor Hole. 2:43

With Frida now lying on the floor we just focus in on her pussy while she spreads it open using her fingers. Her fingers sometimes impede the view a little bit but there's some nice open vagina views to be seen in this as well.

A Frida the Innerview. 6:42

Now we really get the full open vagina view with a speculum hold her pussy wide open. The lighting is quite good with her cervix in full view even in the full body shots. Later she turns to a bend over position although the lighting does not always hit the right spot in this position. The inside views show some quite prominent vaginal muscle flexing.