762 Avril Hall

763 Erica Fontes

764 Rachel Evans

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Barbi's Castle. ITC Favorite 22:05

Erica's super tidy slender figure and tight curve hugging dress gives her the barbi doll look once again in this set. The bright teal coloured dress really stands out prominently against the stone castle background. She wears no panties underneath the dress and the dress soon gets pulled up revealing one of the most flawless asses we've ever shot. Even though the dress stays on for a long time there's still tons of bottomless nudity displayed in countless positions giving lots of beautiful pussy and ass views. The dress comes off about two thirds the way through leaving the remainder of the duration for all nude posing. There's some very interesting shots with Erica standing in front of a mirror giving simultaneous front and back views. You will be amazed with the immaculate perfection of her super tidy undercarriage.

I've Sheen Enough. 7:11

Now on the bed Erica masturbates with a small blue toy. Both the toy and her pussy have quite a prominent shine with her lubrication glistening in the light. There's no no real climax to this action but there are a number of very beautiful pussy and ass views with her spectacular form on display.

Buzz All Drained. 6:56

Erica switches to a different vibrating toy in an attempt to get a genuine orgasm, although it doesn't really seem to happen. She spends most of the time with the vibrator pressed firmly against her clitoris.

Flesh for Fontes See. 3:57

This little postlude if mostly about spread pussy views. Her fingers are sometimes a little bit in the way, though other times she gets a pretty nice gape.