751 Sheena Shaw

752 Satin Bloom

753 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Medieval Gaze. 17:18

The location for this video is a genuine 12th century castle with a costume to match. Though the outfit is not exactly the most revealing it does show some surprisingly nice curves when she wags her tail in your face and her boobs spill out of the top very nicely. Before long she teasingly lifts the long dress up to make it like a short dress that barely covers her ass and then all the way over her ass revealing that she has no panties on underneath. There's a little bit of parading around in the courtyard and then she spreads her ass in your face. She ends up on top of the table showing off her bare pussy and ass with several excellent poses. Her pussy is really smooth and flawless and complimented with a very shapely ass.

A Cunt Pewter Probe Ram. 5:28

Satin's sex toy has the look of a medieval tool made of pewter. Though there is no real climax to this masturbation scene it does give some excellent views of a really beautiful pussy in action.

Wench n' Stench. 7:28

Satin switches to anal masturbation now which seems to come quite easily for her with the pewter toy easily sinking all the way up her ass to the handle. Her anus gapes open quite nicely when she pulls the toy all the way out of her ass. The action slows down in the latter portions as she just dabbles the toy in her ass and poses with the toy sticking out of her ass hands free. At the end there's a very nice bend over pose without the toy just showing off her beautiful naked bits wide open to the air.