743 Presley Hart

744 Gina Devine

745 Jenny F

Shoot Location: Orvieto, Italy

Scene 1

Nice Eye Cunt Act. 22:40

You might really like this if you are into sexy eye contact as Gina has some very obvious eye contact with sometime exaggerated expressiveness. Her snug fitting skirt fits like a glove over her slender form accentuating her tiny waist and long legs. At first her posing is often quite elegant with plenty of leg tease. Then she unsnaps her crotch to bare all of her feminine bits and shows it off with some very revealing bend over posing. Though the skirt stays on through this entire clip there's still plenty of bare pussy and ass ogling as she is essentially bottomless with the skirt pulled up over her ass for the latter half.

Devine Intervention. 12:53

Gina uses an interesting looking vibrator with chains visible inside it while balancing herself on the arm and back of the chair. There's several positions and some very nice penetration action with her large pussy lips prominently displayed.

Dick Chainy's in Asshole. ITC Favorite 13:01

Gina has a great position lying on her side balanced on the back of the chair as she digs her fingers in her ass. Soon she shoves the chain vibrator up her ass and has quite an extensive anal masturbation session with it. There's some great close up views of spread ass with surprisingly wide curves filling your screen. The action becomes more than just dabbling at the somewhat extended climax point of the video as she enthusiastically reams the toy deep up her ass. There's another awesome ass spread at the end with her butt curves bulging in your face and her ass hole winking in and out at you.