738 Erica Fontes

739 Frida

740 Bailey Ryder

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Minimalist. 10:13

The location is a little bit sparse here compared to our usual sets, however the girl is quite a looker and a tease in her micro mini dress. Her dress is in fact so short that it does not fully cover her ass and just begs for an upskirt glance. Her bend over pose reveals everything without her even pulling the dress up. There's a number of teasing panty views before she takes them off and shows off her bare butt with a little ass jiggle and a spread.

You're Frida Cum as you Please. 9:32

Now naked on the bed Frida rolls around showing off her pussy and ass with some explicit pussy spreading mixed in. The action very gradually transforms into a masturbation scene with some pussy rubbing while in doggy style and then lying on her front with her ass humping up and down.

Featherly Love. 4:45

Frida gets the tickle treatment with a large feather flicking all around her pussy and ass. The laughing is sometimes a bit contrived but it seems quite sexy and all in good fun. There's no shortage of sexy pussy and ass views with lots of squirming around.

That Ream Mines me. ITC Favorite 11:00

Frida is quite good at the anal masturbation and this scene includes lots of very sexy ass play. After applying lube and digging in her ass with her finger she then steps it up with a lumpy rubber toy and fucks herself quite deep with both ends of the toy. Bringing the action to a climax she buries three quarters of the toy deep up her ass. The climax comes quite early on in the scene as she then spends the rest of the time doing sexy things with the toy in her ass. She wags her ass around in the air with the toy sticking out of her ass hands free and flapping in the air. Then with a little bit of dabbling and fooling around she soon figures out how to make popping noises as the toy comes out of her ass. The bend over pose is really outstanding throughout with excellent revealing views up her pussy and ass area.