736 Natalia Starr

737 Vicki Chase

738 Erica Fontes

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

See Front Promenade. ITC Favorite 10:01

Vicki's strip tease is punctuated with intermittent walking back and forth beside the pool in a lush tropical villa setting. This is prime footage for those who enjoy a sexy walk with beautiful curves in motion. Vicki has the most sexy and prominent wiggle we have shot in a long time. All the curves and fleshy bits move in a beautiful symphony of jiggly motion. You see her strutting her stuff both in a bikini and then fully naked.

Lush Ass Oasis. 6:51

With an ass worthy of devoted worship we spend several minutes just ogling Vicki's beautiful underside with some very nice bend over poses. Towards the end she leans back in the chair with her knees up and together giving another nice perspective on her great ass curves.

Concentration Clamp. ITC Favorite 12:44

Vicki remains leaning back in the chair with her knees up and open while she uses a heavy duty vibrator on her pussy. She just jams the vibrator hard agains her clit bringing on a couple of very genuine and obvious orgasms. Her contractions are very prominent with her anus flexing in and out right in front of your face. The look of concentration on her face is quite intense as she reaches orgasm. There's a couple of minutes of pussy spreading on the tail end of this clip.

Do a Dip Tease. 10:36

Vicki does a nice little bit of ass spreading while standing beside the jacuzzi before getting in the water. You will certainly love the way she floats her ass just out of the water with a little wobble action rippling through her cheeks. She then sits backwards on the edge of the jacuzzi with her butt hanging out the back. There's a very nice overhead view showing a unique perspective on her curves. At the end we get an underside view looking up at her pussy while she rubs her clit and splashes water on her crack. There's a very brief outtake tacked on the end of this clip showing Vicki walking away wearing nothing but her heels and a hat with a beautiful wiggle as she goes.