724 Tess Lyndon

725 Cherie DeVille

726 Jayden Lee

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Tempted by the DeVille. ITC Favorite 22:18

Even while still clothed Cherie's bend over teasing leaves little to the imagination as her dress rides right up over her ass and her tiny thong hides almost nothing. She takes her time pulling her panties down repeatedly pulling them back up and prolonging the tease. The last 15 minutes is all naked pussy and ass ogling with Cherie's bare girlie bits getting a thorough inspection in many very revealing positions. She does some pretty awesome butt squirming and wobbling motions with amazing curves and shapes undulating right in front of your eyes. It's quite obvious how much she likes showing off her ass for you when she spreads her vagina to show the wetness inside her pussy. In spite of being the oldest model on the site Cherie clearly has one of the best asses we have shot to date.

A One Tongue Fuck. ITC Favorite 8:59

Cherie use a small tongue shaped vibrator while lying back on the couch. You can clearly see her natural wetness at the entrance to her vagina along with some vaginal muscle clenching as she reaches a climax. She then turns onto her front and squirms her ass in your face while she continues humping her clit against the toy. Once again you can clearly see her muscles clenching as she has another orgasm. Near the end she dabbles one finger up her ass and we get another great view up her ass while she squirms her butt and flexes her muscles.

A Goo Tube Video. 4:43

Cherie fucks herself with a clear plastic tube which gives some pretty interesting inside views. You get an awesome view of the vaginal walls sliding around the edges of the tube as it goes in and out of her vagina. She has lots of gooey vaginal cream in the deepest regions of her vagina and it gradually seeps through the holes in the end of the tube. Another interesting oddity is that you can see the strings of her IUD device coming out of her cervix.

Whiz on Deck. 1:09

Now outdoors in the bright sunlight Cherie takes a pee while sitting on the edge of a table with her knees up in the air. You also see her wiping her pussy and ass with toilet paper including a nice rear view with her ass in your face.