722 Sophia Sutra

723 Sheena Shaw & Anikka Albrite

724 Tess Lyndon

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

There's Gold in them there Hills. 11:15

Sheena has a distinctly sophisticated and well put together look in this scene with beautifully coordinated articles of clothing befitting of the high society resort town setting of this scene. Not only is she well put together but she obviously knows how to move in a very sexual way. You can tell by her posing style that she has sex running through her veins. After a slick strip tease she spends the last few minutes of this clip just posing naked with plenty of bend over posing.

Holey Pryer. 9:39

The attention now turns primarily to one of Sheena'a most noteworthy talents with lots of pussy spreading. She does it first while lying on her side with her two hands wrapped around behind her ass showing maximum exposure of the girlie bits. Then she turns onto her front with her legs wide open and her ass jacked up, then lying on her back and finally doggy style where she creates quite a huge gaping black hole out of her pussy with her ass in the air. Lighting conditions don't allow for much detail to be seen in the depths of her vagina but the big gaping hole is impressive.

Scene 2

Part One. 16:22

Scene 2 of this collection takes a 180 degree turn with Anikka joining Sheena for a long and crazy speculum extravaganza. This is the first time we have shot two girls doing this to each other, inspired partly by the fact that Sheena has a genuine fetish for speculum content. Sheena is the first one to get her pussy spread wide open with Anikka assisting her. It's quite obvious the girls don't really know what they are doing or how to operate the speculum but they have a lot of fun doing it. There's non stop chatter throughout the scene, some of which is quite entertaining. The close up reveals a hint of blood as she is just finished her period. Apparently it was not enough for the girls to just spread their pussies as they also squirt water inside the gaping speculum and squirt it out. The speculum also gets put in her pussy sideways exposing the top and bottom vagina walls. Anikka wiggles a finger right up Sheena's ass hole while Sheena rubs her clit.

Part the Other One. 17:01

The girls switch positions with Sheena now assisting Anikka to spread her pussy with the speculum. It takes a while for Sheena to figure out the speculum but she can barely contain her excitement as she sees inside a vagina for the first time. You might be entertained by Sheena's very sexual and expressive voice as she chats and flirts with Anikka. Almost everything that the girls did in the previous clip is repeated here although Anikka does a few other positions including lying on her side and a great doggy style pose with her big ass curves wobbling in the air and the speculum still spreading her pussy. At the end after the speculum comes out Anikka remains in the bend over pose while Sheena obsesses over Anikka's amazing ass curves and wobbly ass motion.