719 Avril Hall

720 Nikky Thorne & Nomi Melone

721 Rachel Evans

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Scene 1

Lust on a Deserted Island. 17:43

This scene takes place on a remote sand bar that is completely disconnected from the surrounding islands. Your first view shows Nikky and Nomi walking down the length of the sand bar and then they start making out in the shallow water at the edge of the sand bar. The multiple shades of blue are quite stunning giving a very exotic flavour to this scene. Nikky spends quite a bit of time worshipping Nomi's lush rear end before the bikinis come off. Some of their positions are almost like wrestling moves with bodies tangled together as they tug at each other's bikinis and play with asses. Towards the end with both girls naked Nikky buries her face in Nomi's ass crack to lick her ass hole. They end up once again piled one on top of the other and rubbing their clits against each other.

My Goodness Greasy Ass. ITC Favorite 13:28

This clip starts out something like a massage scene with Nikky lying on her front while Nomi applies oil to her ass, rubs it in and then starts finger banging her pussy. We get a great close up view with a stream of oil running down her ass crack. They then switch positions and Nikky oils up Nomi's ass. You'll love the way the water beads up all over her glistening ass cheeks. After a while the girls end up piled on top of each other again and the rest of the clip is filled with squirming asses and pussies as they hump each other with slippery glistening cheeks all slithering against each other.

Two Toys and Miles Away. 17:11

The girls take turns treating each other with a couple of vibrating toys. Nomi gets her ass licked while a vibrating rubber ducky is pressed hard against her clit. The same is returned for Nikky but with the addition of a slim probing toy up her vagina. Towards the end Nikky gets the probe up her ass while the rubber ducky vibrates her clitoris once again. Unfortunately we had lost the sun at this point so the colours are not so vibrant any more.

Water you Lickin' at Asshole? 8:26

We felt that Nomi's awesome rear end deserved an encore of ass licking with Nikky's talented tongue working deep in her ass crack. The rubber ducky also comes back into the scene once again though the primary focus is on the ass licking.