717 Miela

718 Mischa Brooks

719 Avril Hall

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Brook a Ho Tail. 16:09

This clip showcases a slow strip tease followed by lots of revealing nude posing with Mischa's nice thick curves bulging and all her sexy bits right out in the open. The first half has some beautiful teasing with her boobs showing through her see through top and her sexy panties enhancing the curves of her voluptuous ass. She gives a stunning view up her ass the first time she lowers her panties and spreads her ass in your face. Then bottomless she bends over on her knees and gives a explicit display of nude pussy and ass along with some hefty ass wobbling. The last few minutes is all bare pussy and ass worship, first with Mischa lying on her front with her legs wide open and her ass jacked up for maximum exposure and then lying on her side with everything spread open.

Walk the Plank. 5:52

Though lacking a treadmill at this location we still had a well suited long walkway beside the pool to show off Mischa's thick curves in motion. She walks up and down beside the pool quite a few times, first with her panties and top on, then only in her panties and finally naked. There's a few very nice close up views with the camera following right behind her ass in full wiggle mode.

White in the Thick of it. 7:16

Mischa's toy in this masturbation scene is quite interesting with a small set of vibrating rabbit ears that stimulate the clitoris. Other than that it is a pretty standard masturbation scene with not so many distinguishable qualities.

Wade to go. 9:41

This pool had a long shelf at the perfect depth to show off Mischa's awesome ass with lots of squatting, bend over poses, crawling motion and floating buttocks. She crawls the entire length of the pool with her wet ass wiggling in the air just out of the water. There's some very nice butt wobbling and spreading mixed in from time to time. The last few minutes has a beautiful display of voluptuous ass cheeks bobbing up and down in the water with Mischa lying on her front.