715 Cassie Laine

716 Riley Reid

717 Miela

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

The Only One. 10:15

During our NZ trip it was quite obvious to us that Riley had a favourite song as she would force it on us almost every day, though we must admit it is a great song. What else is obvious is that she is also a great dancer so we had to shoot her dancing to her favourite song. Her apparent exuberance and delight in dancing for you is infectious with many charming smiles and sexy moves. Unfortunately we had to remove the audio from this clip due to potential copyright issues. The clip is of course much more compelling with the music so we would recommend, if you feel so inclined, to obtain the music by legal means and patch it over the video. The song is called "The Only One" by the Black Keys. We have retained the first 8 seconds of audio on this clip which should help in syncing the audio. The song is played twice, once with Riley dancing clothed and the second time with Riley getting fully naked. Most of this clip is shot in a fully body view observing her moves more so than our usual close up ogling.

Reid my Strips. 18:57

This video resets essentially from the beginning with Riley fully clothed again and doing a strip tease while we get more of the typical inthecrack style views. There's some minor focus issues in the more distant full body views though this accounts for a small portion of the footage. After an initial stand up strip tease she moves onto the couch with her legs up in the air and peels her panties up her thighs just enough to expose her pussy and ass. She does some excellent pussy lip fiddling that beautifully displays her fat meaty pussy lips bulging between her legs. Her position lying on her side is really awesome with her two hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread everything open. The position affords a fantastic close up view of her pussy and ass with everything beautifully exposed and open. She ends up lying on her front with her legs spread in another position that beautifully displays her spread pussy and ass.

Gush Hour Terrific. ITC Favorite 13:47

This would certainly be one of the best squirting videos we have shot to date. Riley spends a good long time leaning back against the couch with her ass hovering in mid air and our magic vibrating tooth toy dabbling on her clit the whole time. There are lots of squirts in this footage with Riley seeming to be in a surreal out of body state and having no control over her body's reactions. Just when you think she is finished she starts all over again and squirts even more. One squirt combined with laughter is so out of control that she squirts you right in the face at full power. She makes a substantial puddle on the floor and then she sits right down in it and wallows around in it like a kid taking pleasure in making a mess. Those with a weak stomach may have to turn away at this point as she slurps up her squirt off the floor and dribbles it all down her body. You will see now why hardcore porn lovers adore Riley as the charming and innocent girl is capable of even the most outrageous hardcore performance and genuinely love every minute of it.