712 Anikka Albrite

713 Gina Devine

714 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Slimply Devine. 15:26

Gina has a very easy elegance and fluid motion as she moves around in the entranceway. Her slender form is quite stunning, especially in the side profile as it displays her tiny waist and sleek lines. As we get closer to her ass you will notice she has thick dusting of little blond peach fuzz hairs on her butt cheeks. There's a substantial segment of nude sexy dancing over top of your face with some nice butt and pussy spreading mixed in from time to time.

She Bellows my Mind. 2:22

This room is dominated by a giant set of bellows which seemed like an interesting prop for blowing the model's sexy bits. She bends over doggy style with her ass to the nozzle. If you look close enough you might see her lips fluttering in the breeze.

Go to Cunt Session. 6:27

Now Gina gets laid out spread eagle on top of the bellows for a little finger masturbation warm up. There's probably more pussy lip fondling and pussy spreading than there is actual pussy rubbing.

Ribs with Sauce. 6:03

Now with dildo in hand the real masturbation begins using a dildo with deep ridges all down it's length. There's a big gob of thick pussy goo that comes out of her pussy with the first insertion followed by a nice flow of juices throughout the rest of the scene.

Gina-cology Exam. ITC Favorite 4:35

Gina's speculum scene reveals a very tidy and clean vagina with a nice little puddle of creamy juice at the bottom of her vagina. The speculum extraction is quite interesting as the puddle follows the speculum out of her vagina to stream out of her vagina. There's also a second segment with the speculum in her pussy sideways displaying the upper and lower vagina walls. She wiggles her finger around up her ass hole producing some visible motion in her lower vagina wall. Once again the speculum extraction is very interesting showing her gaping vagina closing up and another little stream of pussy juice coming out of her pussy.