704 Gia Steel

705 Bailey Ryder

706 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Take Once or Twice Bailey. 21:48

Bailey is quite a tease in her super short pink dress with a some sneaky panty views both in the front and the back. She frequently caresses her long and luxurious hair while posing especially elegantly. After she gets naked there's some beautiful ass teasing while she stands next to a long skinny mirror with her reflected figure showing in the mirror next to a close up view of her ass. The last five minutes shows her on her knees on the chair doing some outstanding squatting, butt squirming and spreading with an extended view looking straight up her bare pussy and ass from underneath. Finally she goes onto her side with her spread ass projecting straight into your face.

Get your Bailey Intake. ITC Favorite 16:04

Bailey uses a skinny little glass vibrator which provides some surprisingly excellent action and views. She spends most of the time lying on her back, some lying on her side and in the second half she scoots her ass off the edge of the chair with her butt hanging in mid air. The extensive close up views are really awesome with crystal clear pussy and ass filling your screen. She has a few beautiful streams of pussy juice that flow out of her vagina and down over her ass cheeks. She has one of the prettiest undersides and it's all captures with excellent perspectives and clarity here. At the end you see her sitting and squirming in her little puddle of goo on the floor.

First Glass Seat. 7:51

The attention turns to Bailey's ass now as she lies on her side playing with her anus. She uses one finger to lube up her ass and dabble inside her anus and then she uses the glass toy one more time now in her ass. The close up views are once again quite stunning with every pore glistening with crystal clarity. There's some very nice close up detailed views of her anus flexing in and out while her glistening pussy lips fill the rest of your screen.