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Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Jenny is perhaps more suited to soft nude posing than our typical kind of content. Her sexual performance is a bit forced but she is definitely one of the more beautiful and elegant girls on the site looking especially good in pictures.

Scene 1

Enjoy the Lovely Redder. 19:08

Jenny's strip tease and nude posing can best be described as elegant and somewhat softcore, though there are still plenty of close pussy and ass views with some spreading mixed in. Her posing in front of the mirror makes good use of interesting angles to show her ass and face simultaneously. The full body views with Jenny standing nude by the cabinet are quite stunning and perhaps the best part of the video. She later moves onto the bed showing several positions including a nice pussy and ass spread while lying on her front.

That's a Slot of Beads. 8:31

Jenny's long necklace of red pearls becomes her sex toy with some pussy flossing action. You probably wont be sold on any genuine arousal here so we'd recommend just watching if for the eye candy. You may really like the way the beads get wedged right up between her bulging pussy lips as she flosses herself. It is a particularly nice study of beautiful pussy lips if you like to see fat lips bulging around an object.

This is gonna Bead Red Full. 3:23

Jenny stuffs the string of beads up her pussy and slowly pulls them out. A couple of times she stuffs them in more before they come all the way out. When they finally come all the way out you can see a little gob of pussy goo caked on the last few beads.