699 Jenna J Ross

700 Anikka Albrite & Riley Reid

701 Aaliyah Love

Shoot Location: Punakaiki, New Zealand

Scene 1

Pretty Shore they'll Cum here again. ITC Favorite 24:49

This video features Anikka and Riley in a fantastic lesbian set on a beautiful beach on the rugged and remote west coast of New Zealand. There is literally no one else around and the location has an almost surreal quality with the sound of big ocean waves in the background and water lapping up right around their rock on the beach. This is some of the best lesbian action we have had in a while with genuine arousal and enthusiasm. Riley's passionate pussy and ass licking is matched by the gorgeous mounds of Anikka's fat pussy lips and voluptuous ass. When it's time for Riley to get eaten out you can see her genuine arousal with big gobs of pussy cream already seeping out of her vagina. Finally Anikka lies on her front to offer up her glorious ass and Riley gives a clinic on how to eat ass like a pro. She's not shy about getting her entire face buried all the way up Anikka's ass crack with big cheeks engulfing her face. Riley's various drooling, tickling and massaging techniques take this lesbian action well beyond the ordinary.

Some Buddies Crawled for you. 4:07

Now several hours later in the day with dusk approaching the girls make use of a long stretch of sand to show you their asses in motion with a long crawl down the beach. You see them crawling side by side and then one at a time. Then there's a little bit of bend over ass wobbling followed by more crawling. Riley can't resist bitting, slapping and drooling on Anikka's ass while she crawls down the beach.

Play by Drools. ITC Favorite 5:51

Another impromptu lesbian session breaks out on the beach with Anikka first licking Riley's pussy while carefully navigating around the mud that is caked all over her. Then Anikka poses doggy style for Riley to give yet another clinic on how to eat ass. Her drooling is super sexy with streams of saliva repeatedly meandering down Anikka's ass crack and over her big meaty pussy lips. After Riley got a numb tongue from licking too much bug spray she reverts to smothering her face in Anikka's deep voluptuous ass crack and she makes a few playful motor boating noises. At the end you see the girls running off down the beach.