693 Rosemary Radeva

694 Cherie, Lyla, Anikka & Riley

695 Mischa Brooks

Shoot Location: Mahinapua Bay, New Zealand

Scene 1

Shimmy Shack. 7:23

There's a whole lot of butt shaking going on in this clip with the girls posing near an old driftwood shack on the beach. Half of this is with bikinis on and the second half has the girls all naked. It ends with all girls lined up spreading their asses for inspection one by one.

Crawl on Line Four. 4:23

Now in a different part of the beach near the water the girls pose lined up on a rock and then crawl down the beach one by one. You get a great view of each girl's underside in motion as she crawls down the beach with beautiful curves undulating in exaggerated movements.

Stoned on Crack. ITC Favorite 19:49

The girls found a little tide pool that seems like the perfect jacuzzi for lazing around in like an outdoor spa. The tiny pebbles that make up this beach play a prominent role as decoration on the girls asses. It's like some exotic kind of massage and spa with pebbles and water constantly being dribbled down shapely ass cracks. The attention focuses primarily on the spectacular asses of Anikka and Cherie with Riley and Lyla acting more like assistants administering the spa treatments. The girls then come out of the tide pool for a little interlude of frolicking in the pebbles on the beach before slithering back into the tide pool and more pebble and water dribbling in gorgeous ass cracks. Anikka and Cherie's outstanding ass jiggles enhance some pretty awesome ass views in this clip.