691 Vicki Chase

692 Nikky Thorne

693 Rosemary Radeva

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Let me in Seduce you. 15:42

Nikky moves around quite lot throughout this strip tease showing a seductiveness that seems to come very naturally. She constantly slithers around on the table, chair and floor teasing you both visually and verbally. Her naughty talking is very erotic, though she is rather quiet talking almost in a whisper so you may have to turn up the volume. Towards the end she stuffs her bare pussy and ass right in your face forcing you to gaze straight up her private parts while she provides some verbal encouragement.

She's a Clitty Slicker. 11:00

Nikky lies back on the table top with her legs wide open in the air to play with her pussy. She pulls back on the hood of her pussy to make her clitoris stand up at attention. You can see her twitch whenever she runs her finger over her clitoris. After some external fondling of her moist pussy slit and clitoris she then digs her fingers up her vagina and frigs herself to a climax. Towards the end she slips one finger up her ass hole for a brief bit of anal action.

Slick Dick. 4:09

Nikky applies her lubrication with somewhat reckless abandon dribbling it all over her ass and rubbing it in everywhere before getting busy with her large dildo. Her position is quite revealing bending over on her knees with one leg raised and all her glistening bits on display. Though the clip is quite brief the action is rather frantic as she hastily wiggles the toy in her pussy.

My Goodness Greases. ITC Favorite 5:19

Now done with the masturbation Nikky just applies a bunch more lubrication to her ass and all over her body and she gives her ass a bit of a massage with her undercarriage hovering just over your face. Her position is excellent in revealing her entire underside with her legs well spread and lots of pussy and ass spreading throughout.