676 Anikka Albrite

677 Nomi Melone

678 Veronica Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Our less than ideal shooting position for this set under the boat's canopy resulted in a few moments of awkward lighting and soft focus, and yet the set survives relatively unscathed with a beautiful background and one of our best shapely ass models showing her charms admirably.

Scene 1

Stern Around Bootyful. 19:25

There's no shortage of ass gazing as Nomi moves around in several positions on the stern of the boat. At first she wears her blue bikini though the great majority of this clip is all nude posing. As we soon learned the weather in Palau typically involves rain and sunshine mixed throughout the day with neither lasting very long. In the second half of this clip Nomi poses out on the dive platform in a "sun shower". When she returns the covered bench her wet skin glistens beautifully against the reflected light.

Bum Voyage. 14:28

Nomi lies on her side on the bench and applies a big gob of lube to her ass crack and then spends some time just fingering her ass hole. After a short while she progresses to a small red toy and continues to fuck her ass with it. The glistening of greased up ass cheeks is especially nice in the reflected light. She gets her ass up in the air for more ass fucking and shows some excellent bare ass crack views when the toy comes out of her ass. There's some interesting anus muscle flexing virtually every time she pulls the toy out of her ass.

A Boat with a Leak. 1:25

Now on the dive platform once again Nomi takes a pee while standing with one knee raised. You can hear her pee stream landing in the water below as it trickles through the dive platform. Her perfect little ass hole turns into an "outie" during this pee scene.