674 Gia Steel

675 Anikka Albrite

676 Anikka Albrite

Shoot Location: Macetown, New Zealand

We took a four wheel drive safari to get to this remote and unpopulated valley so you can spend a little time alone with Anikka to admire her amazing ass in the wilderness. With no roads or civilization within 30 km the only sounds are from insects chirping away in the long grass. Anikka ate lots of the famous NZ hokey pokey ice cream on this trip giving her a little more to love but most of the extra jiggle went to all the right places.

Scene 1

Nature's Booty. 14:59

Anikka's stretch jean pants are super tight hugging all of her curves and you can even see a hint of her panties showing through the material. After her pants come off her big fleshy butt cheeks are free to bounce and jiggle around as she slaps her ass and adjusts her panties. She then crawls around and lies down in the long grass giving a nice butt display while still wearing her beautiful silky panties.

Heavy Meadow Music. ITC Favorite 17:19

Anikka's panties come off right away and we spend pretty much the entire clip just gazing upon her shapely pussy and ass. She uses a tiny flower to decorate her crack while bending over doggy style. There's more crawling around and lying in the grass with excellent ass entertainment. The pussy and ass views become increasingly more graphic when she turns onto her side, separates her legs and spreads her pussy and ass wide open. The close up views here are quite outstanding. Finally she ends up on her knees bending over with her spread pussy and ass thrust back into your face displaying all her most intimate places with nothing left to the imagination.

A Gold Meadow Performance. 11:06

Anikka uses a small tongue shaped vibrator while lying down on a blanket. She alternates between lying on her back and lying on her front giving you two different perspectives. It takes her quite a while to reach an orgasm but the eventual orgasm is quite pronounced and obvious with lots of butt flailing and twitching of muscles. After she's done with the toy there's one more excellent spread ass view while lying on her front as she jacks her ass up and wiggles and slaps her ass around. By this point her butt cheeks started to develop a bit of a rash from rolling around in the grass so the skin is not so flawless but the action and the views are very good.