662 Malena Morgan

663 Sheena Shaw

664 Hayden Hawkens

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

One Mega Pretzel Display. 24:20

Sheena is one of the most flexible models we have ever worked with and also possesses considerably advanced skills with yoga. We take quite a long time to just watch her go through her yoga routine, first while wearing stretch pants and top, then in just panties and then naked. Her balance is impressive and the poses display her excellent posture and a crazy arch in her back. She occasionally breaks from her yoga routine to stick her bum in your face or just strike an overtly sexual and revealing pose. There's not many poses that she can't do. She does the splits in all directions including front to back, side to side, standing upright with one foot straight over her head and even while standing on her head. Her naked splits are really interesting with a beautiful display of sexy form, a little wiggle in her ass and sweat running down her back.

Fish in Lips. 6:42

Sheena lies gets down on the floor to do a little pussy lip fiddling. It's not quite all out finger masturbation but she gets her big lips moving around and has a little dig up her pussy. She then breaks out one more super sexy yoga pose with her back arched high in the air and her ass hanging down to show some remarkable form in her sexy undercarriage.

Plug your Rears. 11:13

Sheena stuffs a glass butt plug up her ass and then continues with more yoga posing with the butt plug stuck up her ass. Much of this is a virtual repeat of the first clip except with the butt plug. She does a great little ass wobble while doing the splits. She takes her time pulling the plug out of her ass and surprisingly the butt plug goes straight in her mouth fresh out of her ass hole.

Scene 2

The Geysa Douche Bag. 4:22

Now outdoors on the balcony Sheena uses a water bottle to douche her pussy. She props herself up on her shoulders with her pussy up in the air and shoots all the water out of her pussy. She inadvertently squirts herself in the face and even has a little mishap squirting her sponge out onto the deck. She can't help cracking up at her misadventure and then repeats the process over again.