660 Arial Rose

661 Cherie DeVille & Lyla Storm

662 Malena Morgan

Shoot Location: Mahinapua Bay, New Zealand

Scene 1

Bilingual. 10:33

Cherie and Lyla are quite chatty as they start exploring each other's panties. The scene progresses from kissing to butt worship and butt jiggling with the panties still on and ends with Lyla's panties coming down for a quick ass licking.

Cream Style Porn. 11:18

Now with the panties off the girls find some imaginative uses for their bowl of yogurt. Little gobs of yogurt get dribbled onto boobs, butts and pussies and then get slowly licked off with plenty of giggling and playfulness. Cherie's bend over pose is especially nice with a little stream of yogurt getting licked out of her ass crack.

Veggie Fuckers. ITC Favorite 25:54

The girls take turns to fuck each other with a carrot, first with Lyla lying on her back getting her clit sucked and then with Cherie bending over ass up. Cherie then turns onto her back to get her clit licked and sucked while lyla fucks her with the carrot and then with her fingers. There's some quite genuine excitement at this point as Cherie obviously loves getting finger fucked. There's an awesome interlude without the veggies showing Cherie's ass getting smacked and jiggled. The girls then use a giant cucumber like a doubled ended dildo to fuck each other at the same time. It takes a while to wedge the big veggie inside their pussies but they do get some impressive penetration and enthusiastic fucking going. After fucking while sitting and leaning back they then change position to fuck each other doggy style. Cherie's ass up squirming motion is especially sexy with the big cucumber buried up her pussy.

Cream Mated Asses. 5:59

While still bending over with the asses backed up to each other the girls add huge gobs of yogurt to their asses and just squirm the asses together in a big gooey cheeky mess. They also do it while standing up and we get the awesome perspective from directly below as they squirm their asses against each other. Their hands get wedged in between the squirming ass cheeks for a little bit of messy butt fondling. At the end Lyla gets her face right down in Cherie's ass crack and takes a big lollipop lick up her her ass getting her face all messy.

Scene 2

Sink to the Bottom. 2:36

This behind the scenes clip shows the girls cleaning up in the bathroom after getting all messy. They take turns cleaning each other's butts while sitting in the sink. This clip has a more amateur feel with no video lighting.