656 Erica Fontes

657 Bianca Arden

658 Riley Reid

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

A Small Under Estimation. 7:07

The first couple of minutes of this strip tease are somewhat generic poses but then the camera goes underneath her ass with her thong pulled aside giving you some naughty perspectives with nothing left to the imagination. The last couple of minutes features some beautiful squatting with low angle perspectives with Bianca kneeling backwards on the bench and her spread bits sitting back almost on your face.

You Little Tinker. 11:32

Bianca soon gets naked and poses on the bed with her pussy and ass out in the open for inspection. This tiny girl has some pretty thick pussy lips that pucker together very nicely when she brings her legs together. There's lots of pussy lip fondling throughout this clip as she sometimes squeezes her lips together between her fingers and sometimes just fiddles around with her lips. She eventually gets into something like finger masturbation with some light pussy rubbing though it never amounts to much more than general pussy fiddling.

Ardened Chrome. 12:39

Bianca uses the chrome vibrator for a little pussy fucking action. Her thick pussy lips are quite extraordinary when she brings her knees up and together causing her lips to bunch together in a beautiful thick meaty pussy lip sandwich with the toy slipping through the slit and penetrating between her soft cushions. There's a decent segment with Bianca also humping the toy while lying on her front. The climax to the action comes with Bianca lying on her back with her legs wide open showing a great close up view between her legs as she works the toy in her pussy. Most likely there is no real orgasm here but it is quite nice action regardless. At the end she uses a couple of fingers to pry her vagina open giving a nice, though brief, close up inside view.