654 Veronica Rodriguez

655 Bernice

656 Erica Fontes

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Scene 1

I Wander where this is. 12:13

Bernice takes her time to wander around on a small beach in a remote spot many miles away from anyone. She gets topless quite quickly to show off her fantastic tight little boobs. She doesn't take off her bikini bottom yet but there is some nice attention to her shapely bottom as she crawls around on the beach. This clip is quite softcore with the primary focus on her beautiful figure in motion amongst the exotic scenery.

Bits Sand Pieces. 9:51

Now completely naked Bernice cakes lots of sand on her ass and continues to crawl around on the beach. We follow close behind her ass as she crawls from one end of the beach to the other getting some very nice ass in motion views. She then walks back and forth on the beach a few times putting her remarkable form to good use with her beautiful curves in motion. The close up view following behind her walking bum is a highlight with tight little wiggles rippling through her bum cheeks as she walks.

Surf'n Goo Gal. 6:41

Bernice has a little masturbation session using a rubber dildo while lying back on the beach with tiny waves sometimes lapping up around her butt cheeks. It doesn't take long before she has a nice stream of creamy pussy juice running down her ass crack. At the end she wades into the water to rinse the sand off her body.

Scene 2

What Lies Bernice The Sea. 9:15

We video recorded Bernice's first ever snorkeling experience from the under water perspective while swimming along beside and behind her, all the while frequently gazing up her ass in motion. At first she wears her pink bikini but then she takes off her bikini bottom and you can ogle her bare bits while she swims around. There is no audio to this video as audio is somewhat irrelevant and impossible under water and we do not believe in cheesy music soundtracks.