643 Lena Nicole

644 Lyla Storm

645 Jessie Rogers

Shoot Location: Malibu, California

Scene 1

Goodness Graycious. ITC Favorite 8:38

Lyla's gray knitted dress is pretty revealing around the hemline, especially as she wears no panties underneath. Her sexy leg tease offers some very tempting glimpses up her dress. Before long she is posing on her knees bending over and the dress slips right up over her ass as she wobbles her butt around in the air. This is followed by some standing poses with the dress adjusted down to normal but it's not long before it starts riding up on her ass again. The sight of her bare ass hanging out the bottom of her dress is truly awesome, especially considering her ass crack is always naturally open exposing everything to your view.

The Eye of the Storm. 13:32

Now with Lyla lying naked on the chair we soak in some extended pussy and ass ogling. The main attraction here is lots of vagina spreading with really explicit close up views taking in the details of her girly opening. You see her spreading the bits both while lying on her front and her back. There's a nice bit of bend over butt wobbling in between all the pussy spreading. The clip ends with a crystal clear close up of her saliva running down her pussy slit.

Storm Surge. ITC Favorite 19:33

Lyla creates a little bit of magic with our vibrating tooth toy. This clip is almost all non stop squirting orgasms for 15 minutes and it is some of the best squirting we've ever shot. It starts with little squirts and it seems to get more and more intense with bigger squirts towards the end. You can see her pussy pushing out every time she squirts. You have the front row seat directly in front of her pussy throughout with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair giving a great perspective on the action. At the end she sits right in her giant puddle of squirt and splashes around in it like a kid playing in a puddle. It gets pretty messy at the end with Lyla wallowing in her puddle and scooping it up in her hands.

Worked up Ass Wet. 3:36

This is the clean up after making the big mess. You'll be fascinated with watching Lyla's wet ass jiggling around as she pushes the towel around on the floor. There's a little pause from the clean up where she shows off her ass with very deliberate jiggling motion. She then uses a towel to clean herself up before walking away.

Scene 2

Beige Watch. 8:05

This strip tease comes from Lyla's original casting and features some very nice up skirt ass and panty views. There's a decent amount of bare pussy and ass gazing in the last few minutes. For a brief moment she does a nice little ass wobble while almost squatting on your face.

Getting Cream Mated. ITC Favorite 9:47

There's a brief bit of finger masturbation to start this clip before she moves on to a green vibrator. This toy has a decidedly different effect on her pussy than the previous tooth toy. She totally creams up with copious amounts of white goo running down her ass crack. Once again her pussy really pushes out and open as she orgasms, though there is no squirt at this point. Towards the end she manages a little squirt but there is much more creamy goo than squirt in this scene.