641 Casi James

642 Kala Ferard

643 Lena Nicole

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

This video takes a little diversion from the typical scene with the theme of a pizza kitchen. It doesn't get any more authentic Italian than this as Kala uses all the genuine ingredients with a wood burning forno oven and we even shot it in Italy.

Scene 1

How to make some Quick Dough. 16:20

Kala actually makes and cooks a pizza in this scene. She is obviously no pro at making a pizza as she manages to get the flour all over herself and then burn the pizza but she does do all the right steps to make an authentic Italian pizza. She's not much good at twirling the pizza dough but she is good at wearing it like a blouse and she pokes holes in it to let her nipples show through. In between all the pizza preparation she does intermittent bits of strip teasing and it ends with a nice bare ass spread.

Making the Secrete Ingredient. 8:39

Kala gets up on the counter sitting right in all the flour that covers the cutting board and starts masturbating with her fingers. Before long she starts using the wooden rolling pin as a sex toy. She gets the handle of the rolling pin right up her pussy and proceeds to fuck herself with it.

She's Lip Sinking. 4:51

Now that she is all messy from lying in the flour Kala gets right into the kitchen sink to clean up. This kitchen sink is big enough to be a bath tub and she uses it essentially like a bath tub with the tap poring water over her pussy and ass. It's not particularly graphic but the setting is quite beautiful and unique.