637 Cherie DeVille

638 Lola

639 Nomi Melone

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Lola Canola. 9:23

Those with a fetish for jean shorts will certainly love the first half of this clip. Her classy diamond studded shorts fit beautifully around her perfect ass with a nice portion of her lower ass cheeks spilling out the bottom when she wedges them tighter up her ass crack. There's a cute little bit of boob teasing accompanied by Lola's ever present and charming smile. Then the jean shorts come off to reveal her yellow cotton panties. We spend the remaining few minutes just admiring the nice fit of her panties around her shapely ass in the back and under her crotch in the front. There is a small smudge on the lens in this clip.

Fresh Buns. ITC Favorite 7:37

This clip is almost entirely close up ass worship with Lola's amazing ass standing right in front of you and lots of extended ass ogling to soak your brains in. Her panties remain on briefly before she lowers them and then it's all naked ass spreading in your face. She really has some gorgeous jiggly motion in her ass as she manipulates her ass cheeks and bounces it around. Her stance and your perspective are quite stunning with her spread ass ached back and her face looking back at you under her arm. She has surely one of the most perfect, youthful, shapely, silky rear ends we have ever shot.

Nudes Flash. 12:20

Lola moves to the bed, removes her shoes and just shows off her completely naked body with multiple positions. While lying back with her legs up in the air she does some excellent pussy spreading displaying the most flawless vagina you will ever see. She then turns onto her front to show her ass while squirming just ever so slightly. It's a casual paced study of her ass crack with her hands lightly manipulating the cheeks. Then with her legs spread open she wraps her hands around behind to spread her vagina open once again.

Itching Closer. ITC Favorite 14:50

Lola uses a feather like a little ass decoration in her ass crack. It's a very interesting display of the depth of her ass crack as the middle of the feather fully disappears up her ass crack while sticking out at the top and bottom of her ass crack. This first part of the clip is a sensual and slow paced segment of ass worshipping. Then for the majority of this clip the feather is handled by an off camera hand giving the perspective that you are controlling it yourself. She lies on her front with her legs wide open giving you perfect access to gaze straight up her ass while tickling her glorious mounds and ass crack with the feather. The close up views get you right in her ass crack for detailed anus worship with the feather dabbling right in her anus. The feather sometimes diverts to her pussy and even into her vagina but keeps coming back to her gorgeous ass crack.