634 Riley Reid

635 Miko Sinz

636 Yvette

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

This scene is shot in the same location as collection #466 but on a much calmer day. This is virtually of National Geographic quality with amazing views in one of the most beautiful locations we have shot to date.

Scene 1

Polynesian Sinz Asian. ITC Favorite 21:53

This is entirely about the beautiful girl and the beautiful location as we feature one of our best looking models in a pretty spectacular location hundreds of miles away from the nearest civilization. There are plenty of close pussy and ass views but you can forget about any super explicit content here because pure beauty simply takes over. You might actually be distracted with looking at the background scenery in spite of the gorgeous girl right in front of you. After some crawling around in the water and showing her ass she then gets distracted and entertained with some fish that come right up to her and swim all around her. Towards the end she ends up leaning back in the super shallow water just sprinkling water down over her pussy.

In Tahiti of the Moment. 5:54

After basking in the sun in the shallow water Miko gets a little frisky and starts fondling her pussy. The masturbation is maybe not the most compelling but visually this scene is really stunning with gorgeous female anatomy, amazing quality and vibrant colors.

Fish 'n Chicks. ITC Favorite 8:53

This is like a continuation of the first clip as Miko pays another visit to her little fishy friends. While lying in the water the fish swim all around just inches away from her. It's an unusual scene of tranquil beauty and serenity. This is definitely not porn. We don't recommend watching it for the pussy and ass views. The final shot shows Miko back at our boat and admiring our Polynesian guide's fishing catch.