621 Abbie Cat

622 Jasmin

623 Lexa, Kala & Caprice

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Cum to my Pace. 6:21

Jasmin takes a long stroll through the full length of a large open space in a very large apartment. She repeatedly does the sexy catwalk back and forth while you watch from a distance zooming in to admire her sexy figure in motion. At first she wears her form hugging knit dress which displays her legs beautifully and then she does it fully nude. She has a pretty amazing figure for a 30 year old. The front side view is especially nice showing the sway of her shapely hips and the subtle bounce in her boobs while she walks.

Is Knit Awesome? 15:06

Jasmin does a beautiful tease in her form fitting knit dress with lots of pantyless up the skirt views and leg tease. Part way through a major rain storm starts and she moves to the open window to watch the rain, all the while teasing you with more up sneaky up skirt views and leg tease. She then moves to lie on top of the dining table with her legs in the air letting her dress slide right up and giving you lots of gorgeous bare pussy and ass views. Towards the end she squats with her pussy and ass hovering almost right in your face giving a great perspective on her lovely undercarriage.

Supersize my Dink. 13:09

Jasmin's dildo for this masturbation scene is really quite enormous and she takes it like a champ. The first half of this is in a lying down position but then she gets up in a crab walk position fucking herself with her ass hanging in mid air. She also tries it squatting backwards though not as successfully. Finally she goes on her back again and soon picks up the pace a little. The dildo is so big it almost looks like a forearm going into her pussy and it leaves a big gaping vagina whenever it comes out.

A Butt Hole of Milf. 8:32

While lying on her side Jasmin applies some lubrication to her ass and dabbles her fingers around in her ass hole a little before continuing with a rather large purple toy. After a little bit of toy dabbling she ends up pumping the toy in her ass with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other hand bringing the action to a climax.